Concert at the British Embassy

5 of May 2022

The event was organised by the joint efforts of the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the Republic of Slovenia, Charitable Organization Slovenian Philanthropy, British International School in Ljubljana, and the British Chamber of Commerce.

Representatives of the British National Military Orchestra “Colchester” delighted the audience with their masterful and inspiring performance of world-famous compositions.

The pearl of the concert programme was the performance of the woodwind instrumentalist of the Music for the future Orchestra as well as their joint performance with the Colchester Orchestra, to play the national anthem of Ukraine.

The funds raised during the concert were transferred to the account of the charity organization “Slovenian Philanthropy” for further use for the needs of Ukrainian citizens who arrived in Slovenia in connection with the war of Russia against Ukraine.


M. Lysenko: Separation Waltz
C. Debussy: Golliwogs Cake-Walk
M. Verbytsky: Hymn of Ukraine


Wind ensemble Music for the Future

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