Slovenia Stands in Solidarity with Ukraine

24 of February 2023

A Special Commemoration on the Anniversary of the War

In remembrance of the full-scale invasion of Russia against Ukraine, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Nataša Pirc Musar, organized a central event to demonstrate support for Ukraine and express compassion towards its inhabitants. Among the distinguished guests was the Ukrainian Ambassador Andrii Taran, who spoke on behalf of Ukraine, while Anna Kravchenko, a collaborator of the Music for the Future project, shared experiences of those Ukrainians who found refuge from the war in Slovenia.

A particularly touching moment was the video greeting from Olena Zelenska, the wife of the Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky, who addressed the attendees specifically for this occasion.

The musical segment of the event was enriched by young talented musicians participating in our humanitarian-artistic project, Music for the Future. Among them were pianist Olena Tsymbal from Zaporizhia and violinists Anna and Sofiia Kysliak. The Kysliak sisters have a particularly poignant story, having had to flee their home twice with their family; first from the occupied Donbas in 2014 and then from Kyiv last year.

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